Hey guys, this is Taylor with green grounds. So today I wanted to talk to you about aeration. We take the stance of saying no to aeration. So the reason that we say that is the traditional core aeration spreads diseases like crazy. So behind me here, we have what’s called a necrotic ring. So necrotic ring is probably your biggest nightmare when it comes to aeration. So if any of your neighbors have any of this going on, you can see it comes in this it’s a soil fungus, it comes in in these ring forms, if say your neighbor has this, and then they go in aerate, their lawn, and then come aerate your lawn, you now have this disease. So they are now products out there that you can get the same results as far as de-compacting the soil without the spreading of disease. So we actually add liquid aeration into all of our, our fertilization mixes. That way, you don’t have to risk spreading diseases or diseases in your lawn. And then second, you just get that added benefit of always knowing that we’re adding those additional supplements to help break up that soil in your lawn. And in turn giving yourself a nice, thicker, healthier lawn. So say no to aeration, say yes to liquid aeration. That’s my personal opinion as someone that’s an industry, so we will, we’d love to help you out. So give us a call to me. Thanks. Bye