Hey guys, it’s Taylor with GreenGrounds Yard Care with a American Fork Fertilizing Tip. Today I want to talk about our last fertilizer application. We used granulars on our last application. With that said, one of the main reasons that we use granular is that it is a slow release and it helps promote root strength throughout the winter and really thicken those roots up. Another reason for using the granular is if you have leaves on the ground, the granular is just going to fall on top of the leaves. Then when you rake them up, it’ll fall down to the ground. Your lawn is still going to be able to be fed, even though it is covered with leaves. That’s not a problem. We’re going through, this is, I would say, this is one of the most important applications, close second with your pre-emergent, your first application of the year. Make sure that you’re on the list for this. If you have any American Fork lawn fertilization questions, give us a call and we can get you situated. Thanks. Bye.