Hey guys, it’s Taylor here with GreenGrounds Yard Care, we’re actually at Home Depot. I wanted to talk a little bit about roundup. So, here we have two different ones. You’re going to see a lot of weeds start popping up throughout your lawn as we’re coming into the springtime. Here is this roundup right here, it says weed and grass killer. So, you need to be careful on which one you’re choosing. This roundup right here is a weed only. So, as you are spot spraying those weeds in your lawn, if you’re doing that yourself and taking care of that, make sure that you have the one that does not kill grass. We’re going to go ahead and throw up a picture right here, we were walking through the neighborhood the other day and we saw one of our neighbors at a property we were doing. And they had just botched their yard by using a roundup. Obviously accidents happen, and it is something that can happen. But be aware of why that is the case. If you need any help, we have the best lawn weed control program in Cedar Hills. Have a good day.