Hey, guys. It is Taylor here. So today I wanted to give a Eagle Mountain lawn care tip. I’m in a new development that’s getting built, and today I want to talk about this. So, this is wash out of a concrete truck from pouring the sidewalk. So in the new developments you want to be careful. So if you’re building a house and you have the landscapers coming in, make sure that this stuff is removed before any of the grass goes down. We’ve seen that sometimes landscapers will cut corners, and they leave these just piles of washed out cement there, and it’s a problem area for the rest of the time that you live in that house. Those roots aren’t able to go deep down into the ground because there’s cement or concrete underneath there and it’s a hard pan.

So make sure that that’s removed. As soon as it gets hot outside, you’ll have those areas burn up and turn yellow first before any of the others. So sometimes that’s a sign to know that that’s the case at your house. So if you have a new build and you have problem areas, that’s something to check into. One way to verify or to help figure that out is get a screwdriver, just like a flathead, doesn’t really matter. Get a screwdriver and kind of stab it in the ground, and if you’re hitting concrete or hard pan that’s probably the case, what happened there. So hope this helps. If you have any more Eagle Mountain lawn care questions, give us a call. Make sure your landscapers are doing what they’re supposed to. Thanks.