Hey guys, it’s Taylor with Green Grounds Lawn & Pest here to give you the Highland Yard Care Tip of the Week. So today, we’re out in Eagle Mountain. I wanted to talk about a few things. As you can see behind me here, you have a lawn that is a little bit … I would consider as struggling. So, some of the hard part … So you have a ton of dirt and bare area that you can see here. This area is always going to be a struggle area for weeds. Say we sign you up for a fertilization and weed control program. We’re going to come by, and we’re going to go ahead and kill all of those weeds that are in this dirt area, but those are going to continue to come up. So when we fertilize, if there’s no grass there, it’ll strengthen the grass around it, but it’s not going to fill these areas in.

These areas are going to be areas that will need to be seeded, or go ahead and put some new sod patches there. That’s going to be your … Sod, obviously, if you wanted to cut this area out and put down some new sod, that’s going to be your fastest solution to having a weed-free lawn and keeping it that way as to have nice, healthy turf there. But when it hits this point, it’s almost too far past gone to come back as far as a fast solution. The cheaper solution is going to be to over-seed, but sod is going to be your best solution in this situation. But it is something that needs to be addressed or else you’re always going to have a weed issue there. So, hope this helps if you have any more Highland yard care questions give us a call. Have a good day. Bye.