Hey guys, it’s Taylor here with green grounds yard care, we are out doing our pre emergent applications. So the pre emergent applications are super, super important. It’s it’s the most important application of the Year in my opinion. So what this application does, it’s a pre emergent, so that means that it is targeting weeds before they germinate. So this is putting down a blanket of coverage. To make sure that any of those bad seeds that you have in your lawn from weeds in previous years, make sure that they don’t become weeds. So this is exactly what I said just preventative weed control. So it’s the most important application and it doesn’t matter if we do it or if you do, it just needs to get done. So you’re not dealing with those weeds all year. So we do what’s called a split application. We do it the first two rounds, use two different pre-emergents that way we have a bigger spectrum of coverage on those weeds. So we would love to get you pricing love to get you taken care of give us a call and we can get you pricing so have a good one and hope to hear from you soon.