I’m lawn mowing in Lehi and I saw this house, and there’s been new sod laid down, but there’s a few places where they’ve got some pretty big voids, areas that when you’re walking, you can roll your ankles. First off, you want to give it, I would say, give your lawn month, month and a half to really try … maybe even longer than that. Let’s call it two months to fill in. If, after that time period, you still have some of these big voids where it’s just nothing, something that you can do is actually put sand in there, just like a playground sand, and the grass will actually grow up through that, and come in. That way, you’re not going to have any of those divots. You don’t want to go too thick. But, go ahead and put some sand in there, and then get a rake and make sure that you’re not proud of where the … you’re not proud of where the other soil goes. If you have any more lawn mowing Lehi questions, give us a call. But yeah, that’ll get you taken care of. Thanks. Bye.