Hey guys, this is Taylor here. So, today I want to talk to you about new sod in Saratoga Springs. So, Lehi is growing like crazy. Utah County is growing like crazy, and we have a lot of new houses going in. We’ve had quite a few questions on, “When should we start mowing our new lawn?” So, one thing that I would recommend to stay away from your first few weeks would be any large mowers. So, if you are going to mow, I would say give it about two to three weeks. You should be good with the mowing, but I would stick with a small mower. Your weight on the small mowers are going to be about 75 pounds, and then your weight on your large mowers are about 1,000 pounds. And even with the stand-on riders, you have the additional weight of the person who’s standing on the mower.

So, you’re 1200 pounds or so. So, the reason that we want to stick with the smaller mowers is because we’re having to put quite a bit of water down to make sure that this grass takes root, so your soil’s going to be pretty wet. With the big mower, you have the possibility of leaving ruts, so you’re going to have little paths of where the tires go. So, that’s something to be aware of and to make sure that you stay away from. So, hope this answered your questions. If you have anymore lawn mowing Saratoga Springs, give us a text message or leave a comment. Thanks. Bye.