Hey, guys. It’s Taylor here with Green Grounds Lawn & Pest with your Lehi Yard Cleanup Tip of the Week. We’ve got a lot of bushes here in our houses that were nice and green about a week or two ago. That cold temperatures that we’ve had at night have just kind of zapped them. While we’re going through and doing our fall cleanups, this is something that we go ahead and trim back a good about a foot or two. Get all that dead growth out of the way and it’ll help the new growth come through in the spring.

Just getting it ready for winter and going through and doing all your hedge trimming and just make sure that everything’s nice and taken care of. It is so much easier to do a fall cleanup than to do just a spring cleanup. If you do the fall cleanup, the spring cleanup goes way easier and you’re not having any damage to any of your plants and stuff like that. Make sure you get all your trimming done and everything that you need to do in your flower bed. Give us a call if you need any help with your Lehi yard cleanup. Have a good day. Thanks. Bye.