– Alright guys, so it’s Taylor here and this is the Lehi lawn care tip of the week. So today I want to talk to you about how to change the blade on a stick edger. So, there’s all sorts of different edgers, there’s a lot of the big ones that are like a cart pushing around. We found that these are the quickest, and the most efficient, so this again is called a stick edger. It pretty much has the same frame and engine as what a weed eater or a weed whacker would have, but it has a little blade on the end. So these metal blades, they get worn down, you have to, as a home-owner you probably only have to change them a few times a year. Us, as a company, we normally change them about daily. So, pretty much what happens here is there’s a little hole right here on the top of the frame, and that hole, you need to stick something in it to prevent it from spinning.

So if I can show you there, so we just stick an Allen wrench in there, that prevents that from spinning. You can get a ratchet and put that over the bolt, we use a kind of an impact wrench. So the only thing to be aware is that lefty loosey, righty tighty 99 percent of the time, except on stick edgers. Always gotta remember that. The blade spins a certain way, so the threads of the screw actually go the opposite way. So when I’m undoing this, it really, on the drill, it says I’m putting it in. And turn that on high for us. So that loosens everything, maybe, hold on. Gets that taken off, so all we do is put the new on back on, and then screw this one back on. So change the direction of the drill, tighten that up, and then it’s good to go. So, not too difficult, but this’ll give you a lot cleaner edge than doing it any other way and it’s pretty simple and quick. So these blades are probably two bucks or so, so they’re not expensive, but they get worn down. It’s just easier to change them. So, hope that tip helps if you have any more lawn care Saratoga Springs questions or are just wondering lawn care service near me, give us a call. Thanks and have a good day, bye.