– Hey guys, it’s Taylor, with Green Grounds Lawn & Pest. I wanna give you a quick little tip. So, right here, in certain situations where you have your rain gutter coming down, and then when you have someone trimming, it’s really easy to damage. The damages, as you can see there’s a, there’s a hole right in that corrugated drain pipe. So, there’s a few ways to handle that. Either you stop right here, and then you can kinda hand pull the rest, or just to put a little dib, a little spray of Round-Up. But just, again, be careful. That Round-Up will soak in, so just make sure that you only spray the areas that you want to, wanna make sure dies. It’s easier to do a little bit at a time, and then add, in two weeks, if it didn’t get everything for ya. But, but yeah, that’s kind of a tip. Make sure that you don’t damage anything, and really simple to do. So hope you’re having a good day. Call us if you need Pleasant Grove lawn care, thanks bye.