Hey guys, it’s Taylor here again with your Pleasant Grove Lawn Care Tip of the Week. So we’re getting into the colder seasons. Our night temperatures are getting down close to freezing. So we’re pretty much done with the season, and we’re not going to need our garden hose any longer. So we want to go ahead and make sure that this is put away and winterized to help the life of the hose last a little bit longer. So a few things you want to do, go ahead and take any connections off any of the hoses and then unscrew it from the house. So once that’s done, we need to make sure that it’s drained of water.

So you literally need to go through and as you can see, I don’t know if you can see, but there’s water coming out the end of the hose. Just want to make sure that that’s all drained so it doesn’t freeze through the winter. So once you go through all of that and get all of the water out of there, you can go ahead and wrap it up and store it in your garage to make sure that it lasts. So we go in … Home Depot has these little twisty ties that make make life pretty easy here. Okay, once that’s together enough, just get your little twisty tie. That way you’re not going to have any cracks or anything, have any issues in the spring, really. So hope that answered your question. Make sure your house is winterized for these cold temperatures. Thanks, give us a call if you have any more Pleasant Grove lawn care questions. Thanks bye.