Hey, guys, it’s time for your Saratoga Spring Yard Care Tip of the Week. We’re here at a house that has some plants that are going up onto the stucco and brick. So the brick is not going to cause too much of a problem, but when it’s up on the stucco and then you have any wind, you’re going to have some damage marks. It’s going to go ahead and over time start to take away some that stucco. So we want to make sure that these are trimmed down and back good enough that they are not touching any of the houses. It’s just going to prevent a whole bunch of damage or maintenance that you’re going to have to do to fix the issue. So the best plan of action is to be preventative about it, just to make sure that those are trimmed back and not rubbing. If you have any more Saratoga Spring Yard Care questions, give us a call. I hope this helps and have a good day. Thanks. Bye.