– Alright guys, it’s Taylor with GreenGrounds Yard Care. So today I wanted to show you, so I was walking down the neighborhood and this is not a lawn that we do but I wanted to show you and talk to you about something. So right here, there’s just grass clumps all over. So these grass clumps, they just get all matted and first off they’re not pretty. So what those come from is when you’re mulching your lawn verses bagging. So we actually prefer mulching but when you’re mulching properly you shouldn’t see any of that. So there’s a few reasons why that’s happening. So one, you’re waiting too long in-between mows. So that could be at two weeks, you’re mowing every two weeks versus every week, or number two, you’re trying to cut off too much lawn at the same time. So that’s probably the main reason that that’s happening.

Another good reason that that would be happening is because of your blades. Your blades aren’t sharp enough. So if your blades are sharpened, you have good quality mower, the Toro’s call it the recycling deck so that actually keeps, sucks all that mulch up inside and just shreds it to thinner pieces so you shouldn’t see any of that. So this right here, this is a yard that it is mulched as well but as you can see, you don’t see any clumps of grass. You have that nice, consistent lawn throughout without seeing any of those clumps. So one, make sure your blades are sharp and make sure that you’re cutting frequently enough that you’re not going to have any of those issues. Hope you’re doing well. Give us a call if you have any Saratoga Springs lawn care or service questions. Thanks, bye.