Hey, guys. This is Taylor here with your Saratoga Springs lawn fertilization tip. So, I wanted to kind of talk to you about a certain situation. So, we’ve got a backyard here, and then in the backyard you’re butted right up against, whether it’s a field or whether it’s a little river bottom. This is going to be an area that you have to watch out for bugs coming in. So, right here, this is pest activity that’s came from out here. So, something to be aware of. You can come in here. You can just kind of grab and see that those roots are just gone. So, this is something that needs to be addressed. It’s a trouble area.

So, as soon as you start seeing any issues of discoloration, bring that up to your lawn care provider or yourself. You may want to go ahead and put down an insecticide. That’s going to kill any activity that you have in there. So, I hope this helps. Just be aware of areas where you’re going to have a lot of pests and bugs living that are going to be easy to impede onto your lawn. So, hope this helped. Feel free to call with any Saratoga Springs lawn fertilization questions. Have a good day. Bye.