Taylor here with Green Grounds giving you your Saratoga Springs Lawn Mowing Tip of the Week. So we are finishing up the year with our mowing. We are going to mow throughout the rest of this month through October. So as you can see here at this house that we’re cutting, we’re dropping the height of the grass to about two inches, two and a half, two inches. We want to go on that lower side. So when the snow comes, it’s not going to go ahead and fold that grass over and mat that all down.

It helps prevent a few things. One, it helps prevent snow mold. Number two, it also prevents any issues with any rodents. So voles, for example, if the grass is longer, it keeps that that layer insulated and you have a lot of issues with that. So go ahead and drop your height down and get it ready for winter. Pick up all the rest of those leaves and should be good. This has been your Saratoga Springs Lawn Mowing Tip of the Week. Have a good one. Thanks. Bye.