Hey guys. It’s Taylor with Green Grounds Lawn & Pest here to give you a Saratoga Springs yard care tip. A quick tip here. The seasons are starting to change. We’re getting into start doing fall cleanups. Crazy that fall is upon us. One thing to keep in mind, and a thing that you need to take care of, is this ornamental grass. All of this ornamental grass needs to be trimmed back and cut to the base. The easiest way that we’ve found to do that, that we like to do, is we get a bungee cord and we wrap that bungee cord around the base to gather it all together, and then use hedge trimmers and cut it. We typically leave, I don’t know, four to five inches at that base. And then that bungee cord will go ahead and help keep all that grass and debris collected so you can dispose of it easily. So, go ahead and try that out, hope that helps. And have a good day. If you have any Saratoga Springs yard care questions, call us.