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Got Crab Grass?

Feb 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

Hey guys, it’s Taylor here with Green Grounds Lawn & Pest. Today, let’s see here. I want to talk about crabgrass again, I know we’ve talked about it a lot and a lot, but I just really want to show you the difference between crabgrass and an orchard grass. What I’m showing you today is going to be crabgrass. As you can see here, a lot of your crabgrass, little bundles are going to grow out. They really grow out versus up. I’m going to pull this one out, didn’t really get that one by the root, unfortunately. But as you can see here, it has gone to seed, you can see all those seeds. Pretty much what happens is, all of those seeds drop down into the grass or onto the cement and blow around and then that’s where you get a lot of your crabgrass coming through.

This stuff’s going to die off every single year, but all those seeds are in. If you miss your pre emergent, your first application of the year, those seeds are going to germinate and you’re going to have more and more. That’s why it’s so crucial to be on a fertilization program and get all of the applications, especially that first one and then after … If you did miss, say you moved into a house mid year and you sign up with us, we’ll go ahead and spot spray all of those and make sure that you’re taken care of, but the following year, year after year, you shouldn’t have to deal with that. Every once in a while, depending on the weather, we’ll have little breakthroughs.

Let’s see. You can see right here, and it’s normally going to be right here on the edges. That’s something to watch out for and then know that that’s what that is. A lot of people call January, or not January, March, April, May-ish, time of year and say that they’ve got crabgrass, but that would be the orchard grass. The crabgrass really doesn’t come to a head until about this time of year. August, early August and on, you’re really seeing that pretty bad. Hopefully that answers your questions. If you have any more Lehi lawn care questions, give us a call. Thanks, bye.