Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

Here at Green Grounds Yard Care, we offer a wide range of residential lawn care services. Our highly-trained and licensed professional staff are prepared to take on any challenge. Our lawn care services include:

Lawn Mowing

We can work with you however you like: either call us in for a one time lawn mowing session, or arrange to have one of our teams visit your property on a weekly basis. Our mowing package is a weekly mow that includes edging, and weed eating. We only use top of the line professional equipment that ensures a clean healthy cut!

With Green Grounds Services, there are no piles of paperwork and contracts to wade through – you simply pay for what you get; and if you’re not entirely happy with our services, we will remedy any problems you may have had with the work we put in for you. If you’re still not happy, we’ll hire a company of your choice, on us, to make your lawn beautiful again.

Leaf Removal

If you want your lawn to look spic and span throughout the season, then have one of our teams come in to take care of the Spring & Fall leaf cleanup for you. We are staffed to do seasonal leaf removal. This generally includes picking up and removing all leaves in the yard and flowerbeds. A good spring & fall leaf clean-up will ensure there are no dead leaves rotting on your turf.

Landscape Maintenance

Lawn maintenance might sound like an easy job to do, but it’s simple enough to wreck a perfectly beautiful, emerald green lawn, by cutting off the grass with improper tools or techniques. Similarly, less skilled professionals could end up ruining your hedges, bushes, or patio by over-trimming – don’t set yourself up for such risks. Our professional bush (hedge) trimming helps your yard look its best. Nothing frames your lawn better than some freshly trimmed bushes.

Lawn Aeration

Winter weather can cause the soil beneath your turf to clump up and become too dense for new roots to grow, as well as affect your lawns ability to absorb water and nutrients. It could benefit from Lawn Aeration. We offer Spring & Fall lawn aeration to ensure your lawn’s roots can receive the much needed nutrients.

We pay attention to every detail regarding your lawn, from the soil type you own, to the turf you planted, the flowers you wish to grow and the aeration needs of your lawn. Inside our company, we invest in people and tools, and you will never see one of our trained professionals wearing a messy uniform or doing the job with an old, rusty or dull piece of equipment.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Before you decide whether or not you like the way we do our job, you need to see our workers in action. Our Seven application treatment program will have your lawn looking great! We will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Specialized and fully trained in fertilization and weed control, and a wide range of other lawn maintenance services, our workers are uniformed, easy to recognize, and will not come to your property before they have been trained and retrained.