Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

We know Utah County and we know what the lawns need. This is how we have crafted the perfect lawn fertilization and weed control program for your lawn. This program is not only designed to give you a greener healthier lawn but a grub and weed-free lawn as well.


utah county lawn spray

Lawn Fertilization

At the heart of our lawn spray services is our multi-step treatment plan. Each step is designed to give your lawn exactly what it needs at exactly the right time of year.

utah county weed control

Weed Control

There are many different weeds that are giving Utah County home owners headaches time and time again. We know these weeds and we have the perfect mix to get rid of them without hurting your lawn.

grub control utah county

Grub Control

Grub damage is the last thing you want to be dealing with when trying to achieve a healthy lawn. Luckily we know the exact grub that is causing the damage and offer a grub control application to get rid of it.

Utah County Lawn Fertilization Program

How many times did you happen to hear self-proclaimed experts boasting about some services, while on the next corner, other experts boast about the same things, even more loudly? You think these things should go, but when it comes to lawn care and weed control, local residents can’t be fooled. While other contractors may play the card of miracle results, we play the card of results, and we have a lot of areas that can vouch for that.

fertilization and weed control

You can come to us and ask us for a recipe to the perfect lawn care and weed control and we will tell you that there is none. We don’t sell the same miracle potion for all diseases. Instead, we will send our certified technicians to make a proper diagnosis: soil type, moisture, turf and grass species, shade, pest potential, weed types and dangers, disease threats, and so on. A thorough weed control plan means a tailored yearly process, broken in steps and sequences that guarantee a healthy lawn and lush greenery. We work only with trained technicians and our programs are developed in collaboration with turf specialists. We will proceed to monitor and adjust our weed control and fertilization plan because we care about the outcome just as much as you do.

Weed and Grub Control is Our Specialty

We know this area very well. We know about the climate, the soil and even the effects of shade, sun rays, and rain on the soil and turf. Evaluation, intervention and future prevention is our method, supported by science and the latest developments in technology. We devise every problem in smaller steps and we act based on the initial assessment. We don’t limit ourselves only to weed control and fertilization, we provide a seven-step treatment program for shrubs, hedges and lawn care, we come up with the best methods to feed nutrients directly to the roots of your plants and we take good care of your ornamental flower beds.

We’ve been proudly serving the area for many years. Our clients are discerning – the kind of property owners who want their lawn to be the next top model in house and garden magazines and their personal patch of Heaven. If you don’t trust our words, we’d be happy to show you personally that we put our skills and knowledge where our mouth is. 

We will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood!

Additional Lawn Spray Services

These additional lawn spray services are the cherries on top of an already amazing lawn care program. So if you are thinking, “lawn care near me.” Look no further because Green Grounds is your Utah County lawn care expert.

utah county liquid aeration

Liquid Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a key ingredient to a perfect lawn. Whether it is Fall or Spring, our aeration service is ready to help. And because we are using liquid techniques, you don’t have to worry about all those cores that would normally be spread across your property.

utah county flowerbed preemergent

Flowerbed Pre-Emergent

Our weed control program is great at getting rid of weeds from within your lawn but what about all the other places on your property that grow weeds. We hate weeding just as much as you do so let us help you out with our flowerbed pre-emergent service. This application stops those landscape weeds before they emerge.

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If you are searching, "lawn and pest companies near me" then search no further because Green Grounds is here to help every step of the way. We take great pride in providing the highest rated lawn and pest service in Utah county & Salt Lake County.



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