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Lawn Care & Pest Control Services for Homes, Businesses & HOAs in Cottonwood Heights, UT

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Situated in Salt Lake County, the thriving city of Cottonwood Heights, UT, is a gateway to the state's famous Wasatch Mountains from the greater Salt Lake City metropolitan area. The closest mountain to the city is O'Sullivan Peak, which locals call the Sunrise Peak. Home to beautiful neighborhoods, the residents of this city enjoy beautiful parks and open spaces, including Crestwood Park and Ferguson Canyon.

Our team at Green Grounds Lawn & Pest provides various lawn care and pest control services for homeowners and business owners, as well as HOAs, in Cottonwood Heights, UT. Since 2014, we've been the go-to experts for everything grass health and pest management! We'll ensure your grass is thriving during the growing season and your property has effective coverage from pests.

Provide your lawn with everything it needs to thrive with our lawn care services.

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Our team offers lawn care services to help your lawn in Cottonwood Heights, UT, stay strong and beautiful throughout the growing season. We offer a lawn fertilization and weed control program that runs throughout the year and involves 7 treatments to ensure your grass receives enough nutrients to keep it healthy and stay on top of any weed growth that can steal nutrients. This program also includes a grub control treatment to protect your grass from the extensive damage these white pests can cause!

We'll help your lawn absorb more nutrients by creating tiny pores in the soil with our liquid aeration treatments. Available in the spring and fall, this service will ensure the roots of your grass can access resources that fuel robust growth. Lawns in Cottonwood Heights often struggle with necrotic ring spot, a lawn disease that targets the roots and crown of grass. We want to get ahead of this lawn disease with our preventative treatment, but we also provide curative treatments if it has already contracted it. Our crew offers a sod webworm treatment as well to keep these stubborn pests from further wreaking havoc on your lawn.

Our pest control treatments target mosquitoes, moles, voles, and other pests.

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Our pest control services are designed to protect your property in Cottonwood Heights, UT, from invasive pests. We offer a perimeter pest control service that will provide outdoor protection for your home or business, keeping pests from gaining entry into your space. If you want to eliminate the creepy crawlers that have already made their way inside, you can schedule our indoor pest control service. For this service, we will apply a pest control treatment with long residuals for lasting effects without prolonged exposure to chemicals!

Mosquitoes are also a common issue in the area. To keep them from becoming a serious nuisance on your property, we'll visit your property every month from May to September when they are most active to fog certain areas in your yard that they frequent. Moles and voles are common pests that property owners encounter in Cottonwood Heights. We'll help get rid of them through bait boxes and preventative granular treatments.

We carry a commercial pesticide applicator license from the state of Utah!

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Here at Green Grounds Lawn & Pest, we offer lawn care and pest control services to commercial and residential property owners, as well as HOAs, in Cottonwood Heights, UT. If you want your lawn to look great throughout the year without lifting a finger or need professional help dealing with pesky creepy crawlers on your property, we have you covered. Enroll in any of our services today by giving us a call at (801) 900-3808!

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