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Liquid Aeration Service Serving Midway, Herber, Lehi, Draper, Orem, & Surrounding Areas in Utah County & Salt Lake County

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Liquid Aeration Service in & Around Midway, Herber & Lehi, UT

Our liquid aeration treatment will loosen compacted soil and improve your lawn's nutrient uptake.

If your lawn is showing signs of poor health despite efforts to nourish and improve it, it's time to look at whether its roots can absorb the treatments you're providing. Compacted soil can inhibit nutrients and other essential resources from penetrating the ground and reaching the roots of your grass where they are needed the most. That's where our liquid aeration service comes in! This service involves spraying a liquid aeration treatment across your entire lawn to break down compacted soil, improving your lawn's nutrient uptake. Our team at Green Grounds Lawn & Pest offers it in the spring and fall, as doing it during these times will ensure it's in tip-top shape before the summer and winter, respectively.

We offer our liquid aeration service to commercial and residential property owners, as well as HOAs, in Midway, Herber, Lehi, and throughout the surrounding communities in Utah. You can give us a call today at (801) 900-3808 to sign up for our liquid aeration service.

Our Liquid Aeration Process

Worker in Midway, UT, spraying a liquid aeration treatment.

Our liquid aeration process is straightforward to make the entire experience seamless and hassle-free for you. When you sign up for this service, our crew will visit your property and apply our premium liquid aeration treatment across your entire lawn. We'll make sure we cover every area to avoid missing any spots. Our treatment will sink into the ground, creating tiny pores to break down hard, compacted soil and allow nutrients, water, air, and sunlight to penetrate it easily to reach the roots of your grass. With optimal access to these essential resources, your lawn will have everything it needs to stay robust and vibrant!

Our liquid aeration service is a gentle way to loosen compacted soil without the stress that can come from the traditional core aeration method.

When do we offer our liquid aeration service?

Soil compaction can occur over time, but it's more likely to happen during the summer when there's an increase in foot and machine traffic and the winter when snow piles atop your lawn. To ensure your grass always has optimal access to vital nutrients, we offer our liquid aeration service in the spring and fall. Spring aeration will help your lawn bounce back from winter dormancy by ensuring the roots can absorb essential resources that stimulate healthy, green growth. Not only that, but it'll also ensure it's in tip-top shape in preparation for the hot summer months. Meanwhile, scheduling our liquid aeration in the fall will allow your grass to breathe after the summer stress, helping it recover and giving it enough space to develop stronger roots to survive being dormant in the winter.

Give us a call today to sign up for our liquid aeration service!

If you're looking for a team to handle your lawn aeration needs, look no further than our lawn care experts at Green Grounds Lawn & Pest. Our crew is highly trained and will pay keen attention to detail to help ensure your grass is at its best throughout the year. With 10 years of experience, we have deep knowledge of what lawns in our area need to thrive, and we will leverage that to give yours the best care it deserves.

We offer our liquid aeration service to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Midway, Herber, Lehi, UT, and other surrounding communities. Call our team today at (801) 900-3808 to schedule your liquid aeration service!

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