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American Fork Lawn Care Tip of the Week

Feb 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

– Hey guys, it’s Taylor with Green Grounds Lawn & Pest. Today, I wanna talk to you about a little bit of maintenance on your push mowers. So, as a homeowner, oil changes on these push mowers once a year is sufficient. So, on a typical season, you’re gonna be mowing about 30 times a year. That’ll be oodles. Especially these Honda engines, they go forever. Okay, so on the oil change, on the side of the mower this engine specifically you have a drain plug down here at the bottom. And then you have where you put your oil in on the dipstick. So we actually just go straight out of here we found it’s a little bit cleaner. You don’t get quite as much as a mess. So a quick tip first before you do anything we like to run the engine for a minute or two, make sure that the oil is warm and it comes out a lot easier. So one of the ways to do it literally just unscrews the dip stick. You can turn this mower up on it’s side, and have a little catch basin under here to catch all that oil. You can even give it a little bit of help, and help it get over a little bit more to get all that oil out. So, once you’re done, turn it back up.

We normally google, google the engine make and model and it’ll tell you how much oil that that it requires, how many quarts. So fill that back up with oil, go ahead and run it for a little bit and then when you’re done, well after you ran it for about two or three minutes, I would check the dip stick level again just to make sure that none of those oils have dropped the levels, make sure that it’s, that it’s stopped off and now we have enough oil in there.So quick little thing that we use as well is we have this, so we, we do a lot of oil changes. So this quick little tool, we got this at Harbor Freight. Hundred, hundred and fifty bucks or so. You hook it up to a air compressor and this literally becomes a vacuum. So, instead of having to tip everything over you can literally, just throw this stick down inside the dip stick, flip the valve and it’ll suck all the oil out. So, it’s a cool little tool if you’re doing a lot of oil changes. Any little motorcycles or four wheelers, lawn mowers, anything with it, with a small engine, this thing will be great.

So another quick thing I just wanna show you the oil we use, so we use the Kawasaki engine oil. So it has an additive of zinc. That’s gonna go ahead and protect that small engine and make sure that you get a little bit more longevity out of your mowers. So, you have any questions feel free to give us a call We’d love to help. But ya that should do ya. Hope you’re having a good day. If you have any other American Fork lawn care questions give us a call. We’ll talk to you later. Bye.