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Salt Lake County, UTLawn Care & Pest Control Services

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We offer lawn care and pest control services to homes and businesses, as well as HOAs, in Salt Lake County, UT.

Our experts will ensure your lawn is in its best health and address issues regarding pests on your property!

Salt Lake County, UT, is a county in the northern portion of the state spanning over 800 square miles. It covers cities and towns like Salt Lake City, Sandy, Kearns, Magna, Cottonwood Heights, and more. Some of the notable attractions and spots located in this county include Emigration Canyon, Gobblers Knob, and the West Crystal Unit Farmington Bay. All of the natural beauty this county has to offer gets to be enjoyed by its over 1.186 million residents!

Our team at Green Grounds Lawn & Pest offers lawn care and pest control services to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Salt Lake County, UT. We keep lawns in their best health through services like lawn fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more. Our professionals will also handle the pest issues you're dealing with on your property with our perimeter pest control, mosquito control, and other treatments.

We offer lawn care services that bolster the health and improve the appearance of your grass.

Lawn care truck in Salt Lake County, UT, near a lush, green lawn.

For a thriving lawn that looks amazing all year long, look no further than our lawn care services to make this a reality for your property in Salt Lake County, UT!

  • Lawn Fertilization: We apply nutrient-packed fertilizer treatments 7 times a year to provide your grass with consistent nourishment during the growing season.
  • Weed Control: Our weed control treatments target weeds like dandelions, crabgrass, spurge, and more to keep them from taking away nutrients from your grass.
  • Aeration: Our liquid aeration treatment is designed to percolate into the soil and create pores to improve your lawn's ability to absorb nutrients.
  • Grub Control: We keep grubs from feeding on the roots of your lawn with our preventative and curative treatments.
  • Sod Webworm Control: Eliminate sod webworms munching on the grass blades of your turf by taking advantage of our curative treatments!
  • Necrotic Ring Treatment: Our team prevents necrotic ring spot from developing on lawns through preventative treatments. We also offer curative applications to treat your grass if it has contracted the disease already.

We have been providing our lawn care and pest control services in Salt Lake County, UT, since 2014!

Our Pest Control Services Include Treatments Against Mosquitoes, Moles, Voles & Other Pests

Multiple mole hills on a lawn in Salt Lake County, UT.

It's hard to deal with pests. They are relentless, invasive, and can be harmful, but we offer pest control services so you don't have to worry about getting rid of them yourself!

  • Perimeter Pest Control: This service involves applying our pesticide treatment 5 feet up the exterior wall and 5 feet out onto your lawn to form a protective layer around the perimeter of your home or business in Salt Lake County, UT, that'll keep pests from entering.
  • Indoor Pest Control: Our team uses micro-encapsulated products with long residuals to eliminate pesky insects indoors.
  • Mosquito Control: We face mosquitoes head-on through monthly fogging treatments from May to September when they are most active due to the warmer weather.
  • Mole Control: We use granular treatments applied in the late fall/early winter to prevent moles from taking residence on your lawn!
  • Vole Control: Keep voles from burrowing on your lawn through our preventative granular treatments and bait boxes.

Give us a call today to schedule our lawn care and pest control services.

If you're looking for a team that can keep your lawn in tip-top health and protect your property from creepy crawlers, look no further than our team at Green Grounds Lawn & Pest! We offer professional lawn care and pest control services to commercial and residential properties, as well as HOAs, in Salt Lake County, UT. Call our crew today at (801) 900-3808 to schedule any of our services!

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