Hey guys it’s Taylor with your Alpine Utah Lawn Fertilization Tip of the Week. Again, I know we’ve talked about this many, many times. Right here is what’s called a necrotic ring, so it’s a fungus. You see, you have your ring right here, got another one right here, and then you’ve got another half circle right here. What happens is it’s a fungus and it kind of thrives on moist, damp lawns. One, we want to make sure that we change our watering, so we’re watering, call it eight, nine in the morning, so then it has that sun comes out and is able to dry out the lawn completely. Then we want to go ahead and skip a day. We just want to make sure that the lawn is not wet and damp for the whole time. You need to get on a fungus, a fungicide application to go ahead and clear this up, to help it go doormat.

One thing that you’re going to notice is that it’s going to be a problem area for weeds. The grass dies off in the middle and then comes, and then you just have a, it’s a big opening for those weeds to come through. As you can see, you have some orchard grass that has popped through in this area. You’ve got all sorts of that have come through in all of these situations. If this is something that you see on your lawn, let us know. We can get you on our list for our fungicides and get you taken care of and get those ugly patterns out of your lawn. Have a good one. If you have any other Alpine Utah lawn fertilization questions give us a call. Thanks. Bye.