Hey guys Taylor here with your Cedar Hills Lawn Fertilization Tip of the Week. So one of the difficult things with using a granular spreader is these small patches on the lawn. So the main problem is it’s a broadcast spreader, so it spreads, call it three feet on this side and three feet on this side. When you’ve just got a straight path in front of you, it’s a little bit hard and you have quite a bit of waste. So, they have invented some of these cool spreaders that actually have a dropdown, and it puts a guard right here that, when this impeller is spinning, it doesn’t spit out into the road. So you’re still going to have some overshoot over here on the sidewalk, but not near as bad. So I’ll go ahead and show you that real quick again, it’s not perfect, but it is very helpful. If you have any other Cedar Hills lawn fertilization questions, give us a call.