Hey, guys. It’s Taylor here again with Green Grounds with a Eagle Mountain Lawn Fertilization Tip. So, one of the last videos that we did was the necrotic ring video and it’s had a lot of traction. There’s a lot, a lot of people that have this issue that doesn’t really know what it is. So, we’ve been kind of going around and helping people diagnose. So as you can see here, here’s another perfect example. You have your little yellow ring. A lot of the times you have a little green patch come out of the middle, and that’s just kind of a classic necrotic ring, something that can be treated to make it go dormant.

So you’re going to have that nice even look of your lawn. So, if you have this, it’s something that does need to be addressed. At this point of the year, it’s something that can probably wait until next year. I wouldn’t really do anything this year, but from here on out, you’re going to need to have a constant application of a fungicide. So, we use a product called Pillar G, that’s a granular application.

So, you apply … It’s about May when you put your first application down, and then you’re set. Okay, and the application goes down 30 days later. So, that’s just going to be something that you’re going to have to do for the rest of the time that you have this house, or wherever you live, or whatever that situation may be. So, hope this answers more questions. It gives you a little bit more information about it. If you have any more Eagle Mountain lawn fertilization questions, give us a call. Thanks. Bye.