Hey guys, it’s Taylor here with your Saratoga Springs leaf cleanup tip of the week. So we’re picking up leaves, getting them all out of the grass. So as you can see, there’s just a ton up against all this rock wall here. So a lot of people wonder if they need to really pick up the leaves. If you leave the leaves there, they’ll get snowed on and really just matted down. They can have the ability to kill off that area of the grass. So you have a few different ways to do it. The easiest way is probably to just mow your lawn with a bag on, and it’ll go ahead and bag those up. You can mow them without a bag and mulch them up into really, really find pieces. You can get away with that if you have a smaller amount like this, if you just blow them onto the grass and then go over them a few times. But if you have a plethora, if you have a lot, a lot of leaves, it’s something that you do need to get up. The sooner the better. When, if you wait until later in the year, they’re going to get wet and moldy and gross. So it just makes it far easier when they’re dry and all cleaned up like this. So hope that answered your questions. If you have any more Saratoga Springs leaf cleanup questions, give us a call or leave a message below.