Hey guys. This is Taylor here. So we’re out here and it’s time for the Saratoga Springs weed control tip of the week. We want to talk about fertilization and weed control. So most of the houses out here, as you can see the lake is right here, you have… All this area used to be a swamp land. So you can tell… So right here along the sides, you see like all sorts of reeds and weeds. And then, here in this lawn, as you can see, there’s kind of just weeds everywhere. There’s a plethora. And there always is going to be until you get on fertilization and weed control program. So all of those areas down by the lake and in the swamps, they had all sorts of weeds that had dropped seeds.

And so, when you get your house built, they bring in top soil. All those seeds are still there though. So as you can see you’re just going to have issues. So getting on the best plan of action is to get on a fertilization and weed control program and that will eradicate those. And then putting down your pre-emergents is going to help those from germinating. So we do hundreds of houses out here in the Saratoga Springs area, but we’ve seen that everyone is struggling with weeds out here. So let us help you. If you have any questions, give us a call. We can get you a quote right over the phone. Yeah. But get those weeds taken care of. They’re an eyesore. Give us a call if you have any more Saratoga Springs weed control tips.