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Saratoga Springs Lawn Mowing Tip

Feb 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

Hey guys, this is Taylor here with Green Grounds here to give you the Saratoga Springs lawn mowing tip. We’ve got a nightmare here behind me. So here at Green Grounds, we recommend mulching when you’re mowing. But this is something that should never happen. So this comes from a few things. So one, the number one main factor is going too long in between your mowing cuts and not using a bag. This will create all of this dead grass, these clippings, to mat down and kill off your grass. The grass is not able to decompose and to break up this amount of debris. So this is something that’s unacceptable. It’s going to kill the lawn. It’s an eyesore.

So if you are mulching make sure you’re staying on top of your mowing, and mowing every single week. And make sure that you’re cutting… They call it the third rule, so make sure you’re never cutting off more than a third of the grass blade at one time. Anything over that is excess. You’re going to cause issues like this. And also, it is getting to the time of year that we’re going to have a lot of leaves falling, so it’s a good time to switch to a bag regardless if you mulch during the year or not. So hope that helps. Don’t do this to your lawn, and have a good day. If you have any Saratoga Springs lawn mowing questions, give us a call.