Hey guys, it’s Taylor with green grounds. So today I want to talk to you about fertilization a little bit. So really the difference between fertilizing yourself, like if you go into a big box store to get some fertilizer, versus using someone like us that have some sort of professional lawn care service. The biggest difference in doing it yourself versus having a company do it is going to be your weed control section. So none of your granular products out there, like your weed and feeds. To be honest, they they pretty much suck. They do a decent job at feeding the lawn. But as far as weed control, a lot of that that granular herbicide that’s in there isn’t near as effective as a liquid. So the liquid adheres to any of those broadleaf weeds. See, there’s some right here. So anything, any broadleaf weed that you don’t want in your lawn, such as this, some sort of clover is going to get taken care of far better with a liquid, that liquid can coat all of those leafs and then that herbicide can get sucked in through the plant leaf, the weed leaf, and that’s just doesn’t happen with the granular weed and feeds. So that’s one of the main differences that we that we talk about when we’re talking to clients is, hey, depends on if you can do yourself, that’s awesome. If you’re DIYer, that’s not a problem. But if you really want that green and weed free lawn, you’re gonna want to go with something that’s liquid to attack those weeds that you don’t want there. So be thinking about that when you’re looking at weed & feeds. I personally don’t recommend them. But we’re always a phone call away as well. So I think one thing that you’d be really surprised about is how comparable the pricing is would be for us to do your service versus the time of going to Home Depot or or any big box store, buying the fertilizer and putting it out yourself and making sure that it’s consistent. We can get you on that. Get that shut your brain off and we’ll take care of all that. And check that off your honey do list. So hope this answered any questions if you have any. Give us a call next week.