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Eagle Mountain Weed Control

Apr 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

Guys, Taylor with green grounds yard care. So wanted to go ahead and talk a little bit about weeds. So, pretty much what we’re seeing across the whole county is dandelions are coming up like crazy. So you have a few lawns that are struggling a little bit more than others to come out of dormancy. As you can see this one behind us, it’s going to take a little bit of love and also a good thing to do is to hit that with fertilizer and help kind of wake that up. As you can see here, I got dandelions galore. So if you’re seeing this and you want to go ahead and take care of it, you can use what’s called a three-way herbicide. So a three-way herbicide is a selective herbicide. Another word for weed killer, I guess, that will target just the weeds and not the grass. So you want to make sure whenever you’re putting anything down on your lawn, that it is going to be something that is a selective herbicide, that means it’s not going to affect the grass just those weeds. So You can go ahead and get that. It’s putting a mixin in a backpack sprayer, follow the rate on the bottle, and then go ahead and spray those and those will start shriveling up. So normally we, depending on what the product is, you’re looking few days to call it 10 days for the that we’d really start shriveling up and dying. So that’s the best way to get rid of those. If you want us to take care of them for you. We’d love to do that and give us a call and we can get your pricing and we can go from there. So I hope you’re having a good day. I hope you’re staying sane. While you’re inside quarantines. If you want something else to do, you can always go out and mow your lawn to get a breath of fresh air. So these is Eagle Mountain’s Weed Control Tip, I hope you’re doing well. I’ll talk to you later. Bye

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